Darling Downs Shire!


The Darling Downs Shire Steering Committee now believes it has gathered sufficient evidence to warrant a review of the Toowoomba Regional Council by the Change Commissioner.

It is now crystal clear that TRC has used misinformation and obfuscation in its reply to the Department of Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning in response to serious governance issues raised by the Steering Committee. Analysis of the TRC response by the Steering Committee has been provided to your Department and listed on the Committee’s website.

The Darling Downs Steering Committee now requests that you refer the proposal for a new shire to the Change Commissioner without delay so that a referendum may be held in conjunction with the forthcoming Local Government elections. The response from TRC and its misinformation has hardened the resolve of the affected residents of the proposed area and supported their belief that claims made by the Committee are true.

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