Darling Downs Shire!


“Some special interest groups and some sitting councillors have chosen to misrepresent the Darling Downs Shire Steering Committee agenda.
There is no prospect of “de-amalgamation” and there is no request from DDSSC for “de-amalgamation”.
What is required is a referral of the proposal by the Minister to the Change Commissioner. This person will inquire into the proposal for a boundary change and report the result of factual examination and community consultation to the Minister.
The Minister has called for three conditions to be met:
1.  Community support for change – (Already acknowledged by the Minister)
2.  Supporting financial information that change is sustainable (Already provided by TRC)
3.  A letter of support for a boundary review from TRC
Only the third requirement is missing but we have commitment from almost every candidate that the new council will pass a resolution of support for a referral as soon as the new council meets.
There is no call for “de-amalgamation”. There is a call for a new shire not dependent on Toowoomba City with rural and community priorities.”

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