Darling Downs Shire!


In a survey of candidate opinion on the desirability of a boundary review for TRC, conducted by Kev Perks, we find considerable support for DDS. (Clifton Courier March 16)

Of the mayoral candidates all but one responded with only one reportedly being ‘undecided’ despite his previous commitment of support.

Of the council candidates only five did not respond. Six candidates were reported as being ‘very supportive’, eight candidates are reported as being ‘quite supportive’ and a few more were supportive ‘with reservations’. Three other candidates agreed to support the review provided it involved the Darling Downs Shire proposal only.

Unfortunately one sitting candidate has claimed “I do not believe the full financial details of how the new shire will operate have been communicated to the residents”. This is unfortunate because all the financial information used in the DDS proposal came directly from TRC budget documents with the Mayor’s support and has been available for the last four years to anyone who cares to read the proposal. A full disclosure of budget details was made at public meetings all over the proposed area in the last two years at which over 500 people attended. (www.darlingdownsshire.org)

The financial information that has not been disclosed is that TRC councillors will probably suffer a drop in pay of around $15000 if Darling Downs Shire is created.

A new council is badly needed and you have the opportunity to make it happen on Saturday.


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